The Kurdish Peoples Assembly in the U.K. is a grassroots organisation formed as an umbrella for the coordination between local Kurdish Peoples Assembly’s across the U.K.

                 We aim to raise awareness and public interest on the events across Kurdistan, and to make important contributions to stopping the war against the Kurdish people and paving the way for a peaceful solution.

                 Our grassroots assembly system is a way for the estimated 400,000 Kurdish people living in the U.K. to engage with and begin to implement the principles of democratic confederalism, including direct democracy, ecology and women’s liberation. Local Kurdish Peoples Assembly’s organise activities and serve the surrounding community through community centres.

               We strive to cooperate with other communities, associations, institutions and organisations in the spirit of internationalism and common struggle for the better future and free life we all desire and deserve.

Please contact us for more information and details of community centres.